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I'm an RF Engineer at the Spallation Neutron Source in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee, USA). In simple words, I design structures that go into a particle accelerator. Particle accelerators are used in research that lead to advances that can lower the cost, improve the efficiency, and improve the safety of products we use every day like cell phones, bridges, batteries, engines & life saving drugs.  I graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering (RF & Electromagnetics) from the University of Maryland, College Park.  

My wife Mouna & I at the Golden Gate in California

On my website, I write about my work, higher education, job search, book reviews, & competitive exams. I occasionally dabble with fiction too. On my YouTube channel, I solve textbook problems in the undergraduate electrical engineering courses. I will share my journey (as a PhD, Researcher, Engineer, Husband & soon to be Father) and also the life lessons I learn from them. I will also share my other interests (music & flute, writing fiction), books I read, stocks I am invested in and most importantly my failures along the way. This is also the beginning of a new journey in productivity for me. I hope its going to be a fun ride!

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