Rollercoaster Rides: From Negotiation Tables to Casino Tables!

Grab a drink and join me on a wild ride: a vanished TV interview, a too-quiet job session, and a Vegas trip like no other. All in one unexpected week!

Rollercoaster Rides: From Negotiation Tables to Casino Tables!
Photo by Chris Liverani / Unsplash

Grab a drink, and I promise, by the tenth sip, we'll have journeyed through a week that turned my expectations on their head. From a TV interview that vanished into thin air, a job hunt strategy session echoing with more silence than applause, to a Vegas trip that missed the mark of 'typical' by a long shot. Let me unwrap the events that made this week anything but ordinary.

Career Coach Chronicles: The Real, the Delayed, and the Lessons

Negotiation Nerves

Diving into professional salary negotiations for the first time brought a mix of anticipation and responsibility. While I managed to nudge the employer a bit, the outcome left me wanting more. Advocating for friends and family is one thing, but stepping into the arena for clients adds a whole new layer of gravity. Every experience is a building block; this one's etched in my playbook.

The Anticipated TV Interview: Take Two

In the unpredictable world of TV, my awaited interview hit a snag with technical delays. After a 45-minute wait, we had to hit the pause button, rescheduling for two weeks later. It's a reminder that "expect the unexpected" should be the motto in media.

The Art of Drawing Crowds... Or Not

My latest job-hunting session was a blend of nerves and triumphs. Despite a small turnout (12 out of 67 registrants), the engagement and questions made it worthwhile. A classic lesson reaffirmed: always expect a fraction of sign-ups to show, and personalized reminders are golden. I fumbled the recording in a recurring theme, but most of the session survived.

Professional Life: Serendipity and New Ventures

The LinkedIn Effect

My consistent efforts on LinkedIn have unexpectedly opened doors to a new collaborative project at the lab. It's fascinating how sharing your journey can lead to serendipitous opportunities. Stay tuned as this adventure unfolds.

Sponsorship 101

Venturing into the world of securing sponsors for the upcoming International Conference on Particle Accelerators is both challenging and intriguing. Progress is slow, but each conversation is a step forward in this new terrain.

Personal Life

Vegas with a Toddler? Think Again!

Our anniversary trip to Las Vegas was memorable, but not for the reasons you might think. Traveling with a toddler turned the Sin City experience into a quest for kid-friendly activities. Note to self (and to you): Vegas might not be the ideal playground for the little ones.

I did sneak away to the casino one night, only to find myself $200 lighter after a poker game. Despite knowing the rules, the casino floor always brings a flurry of nerves. The high minimum bet cut my game short this time, leaving little room to turn the tables.

Hitting Personal Bests in Exercise

On a brighter note, I've hit new personal records in my exercise routine! I've upped the weights, reps, and speed, staying true to my promise. Three weeks of unwavering commitment to fitness have landed me in my own book of personal records. Time to take a bow!

Next month its going to be 2 minutes of the same routine!

Over to You

Now, I'd love to hear about your week! Any exciting stories, unexpected lessons, or just a simple share? Drop me a line, and your story might just be the highlight of our next newsletter.

P.S. If there's anything this week has taught me, life's curveballs often come with hidden lessons. Whether it's a delayed TV appearance, a quiet online room, or an unconventional Vegas trip, there's always something to learn and a story to tell.